Do you know of this toxin that can severely compromise your Gut Health?

Sadly, not all food is created equally and many contain hidden harmful chemicals that won’t be listed on the ingredients. I decided to write this article to expose how this one toxic ingredient that can be found in a variety of foods can wreck havoc with your gut health, leading to obesity, cancers and many other chronic health conditions.

And that toxic chemical is Glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the popular weedkiller Roundup. The Agency for Research of Cancer has concluded that glyphosate is “probably ​carcinogenic to humans” and has been linked to many other health issues.

roundup sprayed on weeds
A new study published in the journal Mutation Research this month, linked exposure to Glyphosate to an increased risk of non-Hodgkins lymphoma (a type of cancer of lymphatic tissues) in humans, concluding there was a “compelling link” between the two. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – considered the foremost authority on cancer research – has also concluded it is “probably carcinogenic”, a high-level assessment second only to “carcinogenic”.



Non-organic soy often tests high for pesticides. This is a common ingredient in processed foods as it’s a cheap ingredient to add bulk. Vegans may not need to be concerned as most soy in vegan products these days is organic and non-GMO and not high in glyphosate.

soy beans and milk


Often sugar is refined from the beet root and this can be high in herbicides.


Animal feed has one of the highest levels of allowed residue levels for glyphosate, with ​400 ppm​ for non grass and 300 for grass. This is passed into animal products.

milk and dairy food on table


The relevance of the human gut and its role in determining your overall health and well-being has been recognised for centuries.

health starts with health gut

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, stated that all disease begins in the gut.

Modern scientific research is confirming that the gut has several known digestive functions which are crucial to our health and well-being.

all disease begins in gut

Some of these functions are:

  • The gut is the seat of your ​immune system
  • The gut is a seat of your ​metabolism
  • The gut is the largest ​Endocrine organ​ in the body producing ​serotonin, dopamine and other hormones that maintain our health and well-being
  • Most importantly the gut is your ​second brain​ and sends intuitive signals to our brain

Did you know that Yoga and Meditation are extremely beneficial for your gut health?

On SUNDAY we delve into the subject of GUT HEALTH and how we can unlock the power within this amazing Energy Centre.

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Dr Arun Dhir

Dr Arun Dhir
Surgeon, Health & Wellness Advocate.
Author of “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” and “Create a New You Health Journal

Dr Arun Dhir is a Gastrointestinal surgeon and has practised his craft for over three decades. He is a Monash University lecturer, researcher and author of two books. He is also a Yoga and meditation teacher registered with Yoga Australia. His clinical practice embodies an integrative approach towards individuals experiencing the scourge of obesity.

He is an engaging speaker and has spoken on many public forums. Dr Arun runs his own You Tube channel, where he shares insights in the area of mind-body and gut connection and how this translates into our health and wellbeing.

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