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The most common sign of gallstones is a painful attack that often occurs after a meal. Treatment often involves having the gallbladder removed.

Gallstones in Gallbladder treated with gastro surgery


Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) is a common condition that causes a burning sensation in the chest or throat (heartburn).

heartburn treated with gastro surgery


Oesophageal and stomach cancers are malignant tumours in the tissue of the oesophagus or stomach.

Hernia needing gastro surgery


Hernia is a condition that will often need surgical repair. This is a speciality area of our practice.
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7 different types of hunger and what they mean for your weight!

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10 Self Empowering Facts You Need To Know

10 Self Empowering Facts You Need To Know

Before Choosing to Have Weight Loss Surgery 1. WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY ISN’T MAGIC – IT’S ONLY A TOOL. We all know this - there is no magic cure for obesity. Weight doesn’t magically appear and it won’t magically disappear. Even with the surgery, losing weight takes...

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Integrative Gut Surgery

Incorporating a holistic approach

We understand the strong connection between the mind, gut and healthy body. Helping you manage that connection will greatly assist you in gut health and management.

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Are you considering Weight Loss Surgery?

Have you been struggling with long term problems with weight? Are you considering weight loss surgery? Do you long for better quality of life with your kids, family and friends? Our team of Specialists in Weight Loss Surgery including Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Lapband, are here to help.

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